Wednesday, November 21, 2012

6:30 p.m. “Apollo 18” Old footage reveals a secret mission to the moon on which astronauts discovered evidence of alien life. And there's a Starbucks already there. (2011) Showtime.
7 p.m. “21 Jump Street” This is a re-interpretation of the ’80s crime drama about young, hip, detectives, which was really a reinterpretation of the 1960s “Mod Squad,” which, in turn, was derivative of the classic “Little Rascals: Spanky P.I.” (2012)  Starz.
8 p.m. “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” If you notice a dog cooking dinner for a group of children with no parents around, it’s probably time to call Child Protective Services. ABC.
8 p.m. “Saved!” A pregnant teenager copes with ostracism at a Baptist school. From what we can tell teen pregnancy is a varsity sport at most parochial schools. (2004) The Movie Channel.
8 p.m. “Bolt” A dog from an adventure TV show wanders into the real world and discovers that it was all special effects: he has no super powers. Mitt Romney just went through a similar experience. (2008) Disney Channel.
10 p.m. “Manliest Restaurants” In some restaurants, you can pick your lobster from a tank. In others you have to wrestle it to the ground and brand it. Travel Channel.

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