Sunday, November 18, 2012

What's on tonight ...

Sunday, Nov. 18

7:30 p.m. “Dr. Seuss’s ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’”
Finally, a real “War on Christmas.” TBS
8 p.m. “The Wizard of Oz”
Transported to a viral landscape, a TV gag writer is ready to kill the next person who mis-credits his line and then teams up with the Internet to kill again. (1939) TBS.
8 p.m. “It’s Christmas, Carol”
A hard-hearted CEO is haunted by her former boss who reaches out from the grave to teach her the true meaning of Christmas, which, as every businessman knows, is doctoring the quarterly reports to get a bigger year-end bonus.
(2012) Hallmark Channel.
9:15p.m. “Star Trek: Generations” In this one, Capt. Picard is joined by Capt. Kirk in a heroic effort to save the galaxy. This marks William Shatner’s final turn in the Capt. Kirk role. We won’t see that toupee again unless they decide to remake the “Trouble with Tribbles” episode. (1994) Independent Film Channel.
9 p.m. “Superstorm Apocalypse” A report on the climate dynamics behind Hurricane Sunday and whether God was punishing New York for gay marriage, drug use, or outlawing the big gulp. Discovery Channel.
11 p.m. “The Butterfly Effect”
A young man discovers he can travel through time but each time he does, small changes in the past have huge repercussions in the present. And he still can’t go back and change his haircut for that fateful yearbook picture. (2004) Starz.

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