Sunday, November 25, 2012

What's on tonight

9 p.m. “Downton Abbey Revisited”
A look behind-the-scenes shows the wardrobe designers starching the socks and the process used by makeup artists to apply the stiff upper lips. KQED PBS.
8 p.m. “Home Alone: Holiday Heist”
This is more or less a remake with a new annoying kid left alone to fend off burglars. But now he posts pictures of the bloodied victims to Instagram. (2012) ABC Family.
8:30 p.m. Hotel for Dogs”
Kids turn an underground dog rescue shelter in an abandoned hotel. If you tip the bellhop, he’ll let you smell his butt. (2009) Nickelodeon.
9p.m. “Liz & Dick”
Lindsay Lohan starts as Elizabeth Taylor in the story of Taylor and her headline-grabbing relationshop with Richard Burton. The title is suggestive enough that we’re not going to go for the cheap joke here. We’ll let you handle that yourself. Oops! (2012) Lifetime.
10p.m. “The Menalist”
When a real estate agent is killed investigator must compare the murders to other murders in the neighborhood in the same price range. CBS.

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