Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What's on tonight.

8 p.m. “Christmas in Rockefeller Center”
Al Roker welcomes Mariah Carey, Victoria Justice and others in a musical celebration of the holidays and Rod Stewart appears as the Ghost of Rehabs Past. NBC.
8 p.m. “Finding Bigfoot: Further Evidence”
It turns out the Kentucky Sasquatch plays the banjo and is married to his first cousin. Animal Planet
9 p.m. “Criminal Minds”
A motivational speaker is suspected of murdering an attendee at the conference. The suspect apparently did not purchase the whole six DVD set. CBS.
10 p.m. “Extreme Cougar Wives”
We don’t know what makes a Cougar wife “extreme.” Maybe it’s the age discrepancy. Maybe it’s the plastic surgery. Maybe it’s the pelts of younger suitors she keeps in her hunting lodge The Learning Channel.
10 p.m.”Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura”
Tonight’s show examines the story of a pro wrestler who used a short film career to work his way into the governor’s mansion. It sounds a tad farfetched. TruTV

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