Saturday, November 17, 2012

What's on tonight.

Saturday, Nov. 17

7 p.m. “The Incredible Hulk”
This is the newer one, that has more action and less angst than the 2003 version. In this one, he just gets mad and turns into the Hulk. He doesn’t schedule a session with his therapist first. (2008) FX
8 p.m. “Holiday High School Reunion” The holidays are stressful enough without a high school reunion thrown in. On the plus side, the bulky sweater camouflages your beer gut nicely. (2012) FX
8 p.m. “Toy Story 3” In the latest sequel, the Woody, Buzz and the gang are donated to a preschool where they are abused, kicked and slobbered on. It’s basically like being a parent. (2010) Disney Channel.
9 p.m. “John Carter of Mars”
A man magically transported to Mars discovers he has gained super strength but, at the same time, lost the ability to speak in coherent dialogue. (2012) Starz
9 p.m. “48 Hours” Stories of mothers working as private investigators. They don’t just find the suspects. They make them feel guilty too. CBS
10 p.m. “Wedding Band” The band plays at ComiCon, the one performance all year where they don’t say “This one goes out to the ladies.” TBS.

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