Monday, November 26, 2012

What's on tonight.

Monday, Nov. 26

6:05 p.m. ”Monty Python’s ‘The Meaning of Life’”
Man’s search for meaning has taken us down a tangled maze of philosophical twists and turns, but rarely one with this much flying vomit. (1983)
8 p.m. “Bones”
Booth searches a comedy club for a suspect. The suspect is charged with murder. Booth is charged the two drink minimum and three airline food jokes.
8p.m. “The Proposal”
Sandra Bullock stars as a big city executive who faces deportation to Canada and concocts an engagement to the assistant she’s made miserable for years in a film so stupid you actually lose IQ points just for know it’s on.  (2009) FX.
9 p.m. “The Green Hornet”
A wealthy newspaper publisher’s heir and his martial arts assistant go after bad guys. It sounds far-fetched, especially the “wealthy newspaper publisher” part. (2011) Starz.
 9 p.m. “Wall-E”
In the future, earth has become inhabitable and humanity lives aboard luxurious spaceliners where every person’s whim and need is attended to by intelligent robots.  It makes us want to go buy a Hummer and leave it idling with the AC on. When do we get our robot?  (2008) ABC Family.
11:30 p.m. :Tattoo Nightmares”
At some point you may decide you’re not as into Motley Crue as you used to be. Spike.

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